• Our Thanksgiving Celebration

On Tuesday, November the 24th, we will be celebrating our own Thanksgiving Celebration in our classroom! Thanksgiving-Turkey.jpg
We will be Pilgrims and Indians as it was many years ago. We would like to ask for your help in providing the food for our little kiddos.
If you would like to participate, look at the items below and fill in your name next to the item you would like to send.
Per district requirement, all items brought must be store bought!!
  • Due to several students with severe peanut allergies, please refrain from sending anything with peanuts

Turkey slices (packaged) for 19 students

Large bag of Popcorn

Baby carrots


Pumpkin pie

Craisins (next to raisins in store)

Water bottles (small ones) for 19



Pilgrims and Indians
18 hungry boys and girls
Thank you so much in advance. I know our students will enjoy this experience and remember it for years to come.
Mrs. Nossa